The Artist is Present

Romano Licker – The Artist is Present


I’ve got this blank page, in my empty space

my meter is always peaking

I got a mirror, collect all the pieces

Form a collage of foreign keys with

In this state of mind, i tend to find

my home, my chaos, my peace is

When I unreval my inner ghosts,

the god creative, the god creative im feeding

It’s the kerosine that I’m running on

undiscovered pieces

exploring, hunting down, what’s burried all so deep in

I give birth, to all, to all I’m feeling

Scream loud and clear, until the very last

the very last of you is hearing

What I do today, i can’t say

take a rest, we’ll see then

If its going up, if we’re turning down

Awareness you believe in

So help me find my way

Take my hand, come on we’re going

Like a bomb creating

What is this moment showing

Help me laughing, help me grieving

revelation while perceiving

I’m shakin, are you reading?

Plant this seed with me

I’m leaving